Tips and Tricks for Bladder Infections

Tips and Tricks for Bladder Infections

Even if it sometimes feels as if we are helplessly at the mercy of a bladder infection, there are actually many things you can do to counteract and prevent it in a completely natural way. With these measures you can specifically support your body to heal itself and stay healthy. 

Pee after sex

Sex is one of the biggest risk factors for UTIs. So it's best to go pee right after to flush out any bad bacteria right away. But don't panic, if you go to the bathroom within 15 minutes, you're usually on the safe side.

No sex with a UTI

Even if it's hard, if you're experiencing symptoms right now, wait to have sex until they pass. This gives your bladder time to recover - and a healthy bladder is the best way to prevent UTIs.

The right products

Wing Woman is a unique herbal complex of active ingredients that provides targeted support for UTIs. Take 2 capsules before and immediately after sex - or other situations where you need extra support - to target bacteria as they move into the bladder. If you take Wing Woman in the evening, the D-mannose and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients can work especially well overnight.

Natural lubricant

If you want to use a lubricant during sex, opt for a natural one without artificial fragrances and additives that irritate your mucous membranes. And make sure it's made for the pH level of your vagina.

Other contraceptives

Especially if you're particularly prone to UTIs, you shouldn't use chemical preparations. A diaphragm or vaginal ring can also promote bladder infections, as they can introduce bad bacteria and attack the good ones. Therefore, we recommend using condoms, which can also protect you from germs.

The right hygiene

Excessive hygiene with aggressive gels and lotions can be just as harmful as a lack of it. Taking a short shower after sex helps to rinse off external bacteria. Be sure to use an intimate wash that is adjusted to the pH level of your vagina and does not contain artificial fragrances or additives that can irritate your mucous membranes and make them susceptible to bacteria.  

Drink plenty of water

Be sure to drink plenty of water (we recommend at least 2.5 liters) or unsweetened tea to flush out any bad bacteria from your urinary tract and bladder when you pee - your urine should be clear to light yellow. That way, you'll prevent them from settling and multiplying. A large glass of water is especially recommended before and after sex.

Pee regularly

The longer you go without going to the bathroom, the more time bacteria have to do damage. Peeing regularly is essential to flush them out. So don't wait when you feel the need to pee and always empty your bladder completely.

Healthy diet

You can do a lot for your health with a healthy diet and anti-inflammatory foods like broccoli, spinach, red and blue berries, cold-pressed linseed oil, or even ginger and chili. In this way, you actively help your body to defend itself against UTIs and prevent them. On the other hand, you should avoid foods that promote inflammation, such as pork, cow's milk, wheat and sugar. And not only vitamin C strengthens your immune system, but also vitamin D3. With 4 capsules of Wing Woman (a total of 10 µg vitamin D3) you already cover twice your daily requirement of the sun vitamin.

Fresh underwear

Non-breathable fabrics create a good breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, opt for underwear made of (organic) cotton and change it regularly.

Stay warm

Sitting on cold surfaces also favours UTIs. If you get hypothermia, your bladder skin will have poorer blood circulation and your immune system will be weakened. So avoid wearing wet bathing suits, for example, and always keep nice and warm, especially your feet, lumbar region, and lower abdomen.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and nicotine

Alcohol, caffeine and nicotine irritate your bladder and weaken your immune system, so avoid them completely if you have symptoms of a UTI. Otherwise, always try to drink one to two glasses of water with every glass of wine or cup of coffee.

Correct wiping technique

Very important: When using the toilet, always wipe from the front (vagina) to the back (anus) to prevent intestinal bacteria from entering the urinary tract.

Avoid too much antibiotics

Of course, we cannot always do without antibiotics. They are absolutely necessary for severe urinary tract infections. However, if you take them permanently for prevention, you'll also eliminate all the good bacteria in your body, creating an imbalance that in turn promotes infections.

Change tampons more often

Especially during a UTI but also preventively you should not wear tampons for 8 hours. Tampons not only contain chemicals that can cause irritation directly in the vagina, they can also introduce and trap bacteria. Therefore, it's better to use organic tampons in small sizes and change them more often or switch to pads.

Avoid stress

Last but not least, try to bring your stress levels into a healthy balance. Stress is one of the most common triggers of UTIs, along with sex, because it weakens your immune system and makes you susceptible to infections. Taking care of your mental and emotional health is just as important as your physical health.

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