"If I can manage to get my UTIs under control, so can you!" - Claire suffered from recurring bladder infections for over five years, and they took over her life. She tried all the home remedies, herbal medicines from around the world, and antibiotics, but nothing helped permanently. On every vacation, the local pharmacy was always her first stop to try the best medicines in the country. She visited almost every urologist in Berlin, but received the same messaging that there wasn't much she could do. Two vaccinations later, with no success. In the hospital, she was forced  to undergo a cystoscopy under general anesthesia. 

And although over 50% of all women suffer from UTIs, Claire felt totally left alone and isolated. Because UTIs are still often a taboo subject, many women suffer silently, are anxious and not sufficiently informed. 

Determined to find a solution to avoid having to rely on antibiotics forever and to get rid of the permanent fear of the next painful UTI, Claire started researching religiously every night. Her realization: not only the right remedies, but also the right routine and preventative measures is crucial (and that doesn't just include peeing after sex).

There was no one drug at the pharmacy - or online - that helped (she had to buy several from different companies), nor was there one guidebook. The idea for Her Health Company was born. When Claire told her good friend and experienced nutritionist Christian about it, he was excited by the challenge of developing new solutions backed by new emerging research.

Both noticed that there was no community to support and educate women struggling with UTIs, and saw a void needing to be filled. From there,  Her Health Company was founded in Berlin in 2020 with the goal of offering women the most effective natural products as well as educating, breaking taboos, and empowering them.


Her Health Co breaks taboos and shatters stigmas around your bladder and vagina health. We seek to educate women about their bodies and empower them to take full control of their health and wellness. To do this, we develop unique natural products backed by science that provide lasting help. At the same time, we want to create a safe place online where women can get help and tips, as well as share and encourage each other. A community where womanhood is celebrated, with all that that entails.