Why we all need strong female friendships and community

Why we all need strong female friendships and community

In founding Her Health Company, we wanted to create a community where women can truly be their candid, original and authentic self - where rawness and vulnerability is encouraged.

A safe place where women can go to at any time to feel supported and empowered, and have access to all the information, education and help they need. A community where women can share stories, give advice, and create opportunities for each other, together.  

Women can be our biggest supporters – we have the power to change the current paradigm and amplify the voices of other women. The power of the feminine is revealed when we fight against old patriarchal patterns, work through our own shame, and connect with other women. When one woman opens up, it encourages others to do so. Women are the connectors. We are the community builders.

In reflecting on the importance of female friendship, community and sisterhood in my life, it truly makes me feel so grateful for what Claire and I have as step sisters. 

We met as early teens - I was 11, Claire was 12. My parents had recently divorced, so it was quite an emotional time for me. But, I still remember vividly meeting Claire for the first time – It was an instant connection, but little did I know we would develop such a true soul friendship. Our home life was often uncertain around us but our bond always remained so strong and intact. I found so much solace in our friendship – she was the person I confided in, I sought refuge with, I had life-changing moments with and most importantly had fun with. She was always there with unconditional love and laughter – we lit up a room when together.

Years later, our friendship is as strong as ever. We have always been there for each other – every birthday, break up, milestone, crisis, and the everyday mundanities. She always has my back, and me for her. It is a judgement free zone – we support each other and always want the other to grow and blossom. We both moved from Australia to Berlin (at different times and for different reasons), where we now live and work together. Daily life is so fulfilling when you are building a brand you believe in and with the person you trust and value the most.  Our friendship has been the perfect basis to lead a female orientated company together.

 When Claire was going through her health struggles, it was painful even for me to watch and not be able to solve. There would be late nights where she was curled up in bed in pain, and even later nights at the hospital emergency room. Just as she had done for me in the past -  I was there to talk with, cry with, and laugh with – whenever she needed it. Worst of all seeing the spiral of shame and embarrassment that came up about her body. The feeling of helplessness and the taboo around vaginal issues, even in women’s circles.

 Finding women is easy but building strong female friendships that you can trust, rely upon, and know always want the best for you, is harder work. Community is born from connecting and sharing your own experiences and providing support and hope to other women. When women encourage each other to share vulnerably, with hopes that our own words and actions will inspire and uplift each other, we break patriarchal patterns and ingrained shame holding us back. 

Through Her Health Company, we wanted a place where women could connect and have the same support that we gave each other. A space for them to be known as their truest self, supported unconditionally, and missed if they disappeared. A place where they didn’t feel alone and could find solace that another woman was going through the same struggles as they are.

When women lift each other up – we have so much power to bring positive change and impact in the world. I believe that every woman deserves strong female friendships who can provide loving but no-bullshit guidance, support and advice. Female communities are instrumental in encouraging women to be their best selves and realising that we are stronger when we come together.

Women who have overcome similar struggles and reached the peak of success, can pause at the top, take in the beautiful view, then turn around and pull other women up after her.

In saying this, we are so happy you are here and have found us. We would love to hear from you about how better we can support you.

We want to hand you the mic, and give you the confidence to raise your own voice and power!


Love, Hillary xx

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